No Rain This Weekend!

All that lousy weather at the start of the week served a good purpose (aside from some beneficial rain)…we break the streak of having one weekend day feature rain! The last time we had a rain-free weekend was late April and it was a cold weekend (doesn’t count!). On the map this evening is High Pressure just west of New England:

Also on the map is a front from Chicago to Washington DC. This front is the dividing line between muggy, summery air and some beautiful late spring air (dry!). Checking out the dewpoint map really shows that well…

Thankfully, that air and the front are not heading our way! Instead, we have High Pressure with us for both weekend days!

I do think Sunday is likely the brighter of the two days as Saturday will feature a mix of sun & clouds but still nice tomorrow! Both days will see early morning temps in the 50s and then run up through the 70s by afternoon, briefly reaching 80 each afternoon.

Looking iinto next week, a warming trend (and increasing humidity trend) will commence as temps on Monday are near 70 but reach the mid 80s by Wednesday, along with higher humidity. That warmer, more humid air will spark a few scattered thunderstorms by late Wednesday afternoon—our next chance of rain.

Make the most of your weekend.  Carpe Diem!