No “Round Three”

Well, we made it through “Round 2” last night and today.  Major props to my amazing colleagues; Jeremy Reiner, Wren Clair and Chris Lambert for ROCKING Storm Force coverage and putting together a tip-top snowfall forecast.    It’s not easy staying awake to broadcast the weather for 36-48+ hours, but they make it look easy.  I couldn’t think of better people to “weather the storm together” with.  Oh, and a shout-out to my buddy Steve Cooper who let me borrow his sled for a few runs in Portsmouth, NH last night (click on the link below for the video)!

Here’s some news:  There is NO “Round 3” on the way for us.  No “snow blitz redux” happening here, which I know JR mentioned in earlier blogs this week.  For a bit there, I really was concerned with what COULD have been a third round of winter weather… but the forecast models have been gradually (and graciously) moving away from any significant storm.  On Wednesday it looks likely that we will get some showers, but it looks to be light rain showers for most of us with some wet snowflakes/wintry mix to the NW of 495.  Right now, I’m not seeing any additional snowfall accumulation in the forecast for this time-frame.  This system gets off-shore before it gets the extra boost it needs to turn into a real “storm.”  So for us, it’s NOT a “Round 3.”

I’m getting ahead of myself though.  Did you catch the sunset tonight?  GORGEOUS.  Here are some awesome pictures:

In this pic above, can you spot the “sun pillar?”  That’s the sunlight reflecting off of tiny ice-crystals in the atmosphere.  Okay Mother Nature, as far as I’m concerned – you’ve done well for yourself.

Tomorrow will be a great day for clean-up, because we all have some shoveling to do.  The sunshine is back with us and the winds calm throughout the night tonight and tomorrow morning.  It’s still cold though, with highs only in the upper 20s and low 30s.  Happy Valentine’s day!!

I have been mentioning a “warm-up” in my forecasts as well – which also knocks down the “snow blitz redux” idea.  By next Sunday, it looks like 50° is well within reach.  So, while we have some clean-up to do for ourselves in the next few days, Mother Nature will do her job with the melting by the end of the week.  – Breezy