No Soakah With This Front

Stellar fall weather, for the most part, is with us for several days. great for outdoor enthusiasts but not so much for the drought. We’ve actually been getting some decent rains around these parts the past 4 weeks:
3-5″ of rain—just about normal! Sadly, in terms of the drought, we need several months of this kind of precipitation to end this drought. That’s tough as you move into the colder months as colder air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air. We’re on to a cold front! Here is what the weather map looks like this evening:
You can clearly see the cool front slicing through the Great Lake states–you also see High Pressure up near Eastport Maine–thanks for the sunshine these past 3 days buddy. What you don’t see is any kind of hurricane on the map. When that front slides into New England early tomorrow evening it will produce clouds and perhaps a few showers but not a repeat of Sunday. That front on Sunday was aggressive with rainfall reports between 1-5″. A bit odd for a cool front but the front was able to steal some moisture from Hurricane Matthew. This front doesn’t have that luxury so much less rain is anticipated this go-around. Plan on less than .10″ of rain. The showers will hold off until after 5pm but there could be some patchy drizzle during the morning commute–nuisance more than anything else:
After this front we are back into fine fall weather…sunny skies, crisp, chilly mornings and cool afternoons….Friday and right through the weekend.