The calendar has turned to October which means the leaves are changing, the Patriots World Domination Tour keeps rolling and coastal storms beginning to reappear off the east coast. Yup, we have ourselves a doozy of a storm, especially across southeastern Massachusetts.  The storm is located well southeast of New England this evening and normally a storm in that location would cruise by in about 5-10 hours with a little bit of rain and wind. The issue is the storm is being blocked by High Pressure to the north….

….the storm is essentially getting the Gandalf treatment…

Certainly not one storm to rule them all but big enough to make things messy the next couple of days.

The highest impact will be felt across southeastern Massachusetts…

The yellow shading is where people will say…Huh?, nor’easter?…Only a few showers and breezy at times. The red shaded areas is where day to day activities will have the greatest disruption with heavy rain and strong wind

Those rainfall amounts won’t happen overnight or even tomorrow morning but rather by late Friday night. The recent dry pattern should mitigate any river flooding but it is possible some basements take on water as well as clogged storm drains fould up roads for a time.

Wind, like the rain, is of greatest concern across SE MA. The wind will be most fierce Thursday through very early Friday morning. leaves on the trees as well as saturated soil likely means some trees and their branches could come down…and down through a power line. Plan on some power disruption. Farther north and west, umbrella’s will get a beat-down through the rain on Thursday with wind gusts upwards of 30-40 mph.

What about the Pats game??

It looks…messy. We may have a lull in the steady rain during Tailgate up to kickoff but more steady rain is likely as the game progresses. Whipping wind, cool and raw for the evening.

Rain and wind not as intense on Friday but still disruptive for outdoor plans. We shed the rain and wind on Saturday but will need until Sunday to get the sunshine back. Sunday & Monday looks great, sunny skies and temps in the 60s!


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