The Nor’easter that’s been affecting our weather over the past several days has a new name… Subtropical Storm Melissa. Subtropical meaning it has characteristics of a Tropical Storm. That said, despite the name change, the impact on our weather does not change. The forecast track for Melissa is to move northeast, directly out to sea.

As mentioned, our forecast and our impacts don’t change with the name change. We had gusty winds, scattered showers, and rough surf since Wednesday and we’ll continue with that as it gradually subsides tonight despite being now called Melissa.

Speaking of strong winds. Our coastal spots have been dealing with gusts up to 35 mph today, but it has been stronger on the Cape. For that reason, the Wind Advisory has been continued until 10pm tonight for just the Cape and the Islands for gusts to 50 mph possible.

But the good news, we see improvement for the weekend. Saturday will be so-so. It’s not great, but it’s not what we’ve had the last few days. Cloudy skies will rule for most of the day but we may see a hint of sun late in the day. Temperatures will remain cool, however, with highs holding in the 50s once again. The morning hours will also start of windy, but winds will subside through the afternoon.

Sunday is definitely the pick of the weekend with more sunshine returning and temperatures getting back to where we should be this time of year — in fact, slightly above average.

With all of the wind over the past few days, there’s a good change you’ll have some yard work do today and maybe rake up some leaves that came down in the strong winds. Sunday is the best day to tackle that. Saturday morning looks breezy while that improves in the afternoon, you’ll have wet leaves to deal with from the past few days. Monday could also feature a few scattered showers in the morning so, again, you may have some wet leaves to deal with.

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