Not All Gloom & Doom

Last night I blogged about a meteorological fight between winter & spring. It appears that fight is still likely to take place but perhaps some silver linings here and there. The overall set-up still stands…springtime warmth blossoming across the nation while leftover winter chill reluctant to leave (like a two year old in a toy store).

Take a look at temps across the northeastern U.S. around 4pm this afternoon:

Ha—Portland Maine sitting at 33 while Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at a whopping 73. When you go from 33 to 73 (or vice versa), chances are you will deal some some weather. We saw that today with cloudy skies and some rain, sleet, snow showers. They scooted through mid afternoon and are gone for the night but that weather system will stay put this weekend locking the cool air in New England as well as a fair amount of clouds. In terms of sleet or snow–we are done with that for the rest of the weekend but plan on a few more rain showers tomorrow. Sunday, I think, is mainly dry (and even some morning sunshine). Here is the chance of rain for both weekend days:

Tomorrow looks like a stinker with a decent chance of midday showers as well as raw temps–near 40. Sunday (by default) looks to be the better of the two days for outdoor activities but still somewhat cool with temps in the low 40s. Monday will see a return of showers while holding onto the raw temps. By Tuesday, we should see some sun and milder temps–normal–mid 40s to around 50. By Wednesday of next week, sunshine returns and spring does too—50s (cooler coast season tho).

Have a great weekend!