November Is Upon Us

We’re on to November! From candy corn sugar highs to turkey stuffing and awkward family conversations at Thanksgiving it is a month of transition. Normal high temp today is 57 and by the 30th the normal high temp is down to 47 and yes, we do normally pick up some snow during the month (1.3″)–egads!

No snow on tap this week, in fact, the next couple of days are more like early October! This map shows what temps looked like around 4~5pm..
Once you step out of New England, it’s rather warm! 70s & 80s well up into the Ohio River Valley. It won’t turn quite that warm tomorrow/Thursday but we will reach the 60s. Back to that map…when you go from the 40s up in New England to the 70s out in Ohio, typically you will have to deal with some kind of weather but not this time. The warm front–leading edge of that warmer air–is sleepy this evening..
Producing just a few clouds across NY/PA. As the front tip-toes into New England overnight there will be a few clouds around but no rain (or snow). This front arriving tonight means your Wednesday Morning commute isn’t as cold as this morning’s was. Plan on early morning temps in the low 40s–some 20 degrees warmer than today–and by afternoon the numbers reach the upper 60s under a partly sunny sky.

Thursday is also warm and initially bright but clouds win out by midday and eventually some rain falls. That rain is tied to a cold front that will blast through here Thursday evening with those showers (less than .25″) but also send the October-like warmth packing. Plan on chilly but dry weather for the end of the week-start of the weekend.