November Warmth–Here & There

For those of you wanting & hoping for cold & snow, this was not your day (no worries–your time is coming). Check out the high temps from this afternoon…
Outstanding! What made it even better was the lack of wind. In early November we can certainly reach the upper 60s & low 70s but sometimes it requires work–either through a storm or wind–or both! Today it was neither as we had a mix of clouds & sun with just a light breeze.

Tomorrow is moving day as cool air will seep into southern New England by afternoon. Southern New Hampshire/Merrimack Valley/Worcester Hills receive the cool air first while the South Shore, South Coast & Cape are the last to feel the cooler temps. This map spells it out better than I ever could blog..
You notice metro Boston near 60….there is a chance the cooler air runs late & the city reaches the mid 60s but full disclosure–I still have scars from a few weeks ago when I advertised 80 for Boston & the city didn’t reach 65 (umm…yeah). Now–what is more certain is rain…moving this cool air into southern New England will result in clouds and some showers tomorrow afternoon. It won’t rain all afternoon but have rain gear ready to go from mid afternoon until early evening. This batch of rain isn’t like the other bags of rain this fall–light with most towns picking up .10″ or less.

Sunshine & the November Chill returns for Friday…low 50s with a breeze.