It Was A Good Day (Ice Cube). Sunny skies, no humidity and enough of a breeze to keep the bugs at bay. The dry days have outnumbered the wet days for weeks now. Check out rainfall anomalies in southern New England since April 1st…

Not much..most towns running a healthy deficit of 1-3″ (depending on location). So getting some rain would be a good thing. We do have rain in the forecast for Thursday thanks to a warm front pressing through here during the day..

That front is the leading edge (or “front” edge if you will) of warmer air. We won’t tap into the warm air…yet..but we will see clouds for the day and patchy showers at times. As seen in these time stamps…

7am,12pm and 5pm respectively. Grab the rain gear before you head out the door Thursday morning. The showers will be patchy and light for the morning hours then taper to a few sprinkles after 4pm. A super-soaker?? (as the news folks like to label it)…Nah, more like a nuisance…

Most towns will pick up 0.20″ of rain or less through the day. Not enough to wash out the pollen or soak the lawns/gardens but enough to ruin sidewalk chalk for the kiddos or dampen the tennis/pickleball courts. (side note….the forecast of 0″ for Boston/Beverly is a misnomer. We don’t display rainfall forecasts beyond a tenth of an inch, if we did the map would be really cluttered so we round up to the nearest tenth of an inch. Boston/Beverly likely see 0.04″)

The takeaway is….not a lot of rain on the way for Thursday…just enough to hamper outdoor plans.

On the other side of this warm front is some warm air! Especially for the weekend. check out the 3-day forecast

Yowza! 90s on Saturday?! Yep, looks like some searing heat for the weekend with temps climbing into the 90s inland and close to 90 along the coast (sea breeze dependent). Make sure those window A/C units are ready to roll! South Coast, Cape Ann, Cape Cod temps will be much cooler, topping out in the 60s, 70s each afternoon.

Ciao for now!


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