One More Morning With Bitter Cold Wind Chills

After a mild start to the month, looks like we’re ending on a bitter cold note.  New Years’ Day on Boston featured a high of 59° in Boston.  Today’s high temperature was 18° with a low of 5° this morning.

Worcester set a new record on the last day of the month.  The high temperature today only reached 8°, shattering the old record cold high of 11° set back in 1951.

As we look ahead to tonight and Friday, the cold will be sticking around, but at least we will be making some improvements.

Tonight, it will be clear and frigid with wind chills dipping down into the 5 below to 15 below range.  In order to have a Wind Chill Advisory, you at least have to be between 15 and 25 below for over 3 hours.  Thankfully, overnight will not be as cold as last night, but it will still be dangerously cold for those not properly bundled up.

For your Friday morning commute, expect wind chills to be between 5 to 10 below, but by the afternoon wind chills will finally be ABOVE zero for the majority of the region.


As far as high temperatures Friday, we will still be below the freezing mark, but at least everyone makes it above the single digits, something that a few spots did not see for our Thursday.

The improvement continues into the weekend with highs finally making it to the freezing mark Saturday, mid 30s Sunday, and 50s by Monday.  Plus, a big warm-up for Tuesday when we make a run for 60.