Ouch. The Air Hurts My Face.

What a wild and wacky December day!  Across the board, there was a little bit of everything:  From snow to slush to sleet & freezing rain… to just plain rain and even some thunderstorms that produced pea sized hail!!  Currently it’s an impressive temp spread too; just 28° in Jaffery, NH and 50° in Nantucket.  We did pick up a little bit of snow accumulation inland today:

All of that white and wet weather will wrap up within the next couple of hours.  Now the big concern will be the falling temps overnight – and the areas of refreeze.  Anything that is wet and untreated now will be ICE before midnight tonight.  In fact, some of the coldest ‘burbs will have lows in the teens tomorrow morning!  So, if you’re out tonight and early tomorrow morning – be cautious; not just driving, but also walking on sidewalks and in the work parking lot.  Do the “stingray shuffle,” as I like to call it – don’t pick up your feet very far and you may have a better chance of staying vertical.

Tomorrow it’s all about the BITTER cold.  Seriously.  This is going to hurt a bit.  Highs will only be in the 20s – but wait… it gets worse.  A feisty wind out of the WNW will add more bite to that bark and we’re in for the cold to sting.  Check out the “real feel” at noon tomorrow:

A Wind Advisory has also been issued for the coastline, for possible wind gusts up to 50mph:

The cold obviously means business.  This is just Winter, tightening up the grasp on New England this December – which is very different from the mild Decembers the last couple of years.  Since it is this cold, I’m sure you’re wondering when we can expect the next flakes?  Well, that would be early Thursday morning – but only for SOME of us.  A quick moving system will zip by to the south of New England and bring a bit of light snow south of the Mass. Pike.  We’re not talking about much accumulation here.  Maybe a coating to an inch with up to 2″ possible for the islands.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!  Here’s another check on our holiday countdown, showing less than two weeks until Christmas: