It’s definitely a shock to the system; temperatures dropping from the mid to upper 40s very early this morning… into the 20s as I write this blog.  Last Friday was 75° – and even this time yesterday it was about 15 to 20 degrees warmer than it is right now!!  So it’s probably cliche to say “winter is coming,” because it feels more like “winter is here.”  But isn’t it a little early?  YES!!!  It’s still meteorological fall – not to mention still the warmest autumn on record (through Nov. 9th)!!  Yes, these are temperatures that all of the tough New Englanders can deal with – but maybe not this early during the month of November!  We’re talking about record cold temps for overnight tonight – plus wind chill indices in the SINGLE DIGITS.  That’s frigid.  

Meantime, as you were pulling out the extra layers you haven’t used in a while (i.e. hats, boots, scarves, gloves, ear-muffs, puffy coats, etc.), were you able to find everything you needed?  I was very pleasantly surprised to put on my heavy coat that I haven’t worn since March, and find a map for the Keukenhof tulip fields (Holland) in my pocket!  Not happy to pull out the coat – but very happy to find the surprise of fond memories in the pocket… but money would have also been great to find.  :c)

The wind is currently not as strong as it was earlier today, but the wind is still adding insult to injury.  Wind chill indices are already in the teens for most locations – and it’s going to get even colder.  Here’s a look at overnight (early Saturday morning) lows:

And if that doesn’t look cold enough… here’s what it will “feel like” if you’re out in the wind:

The recovery on Saturday is decent (for January/February standards!) with a ton of sun and a diminishing breeze by the afternoon. It’ll still be cold for the time of year (mid to upper 30s) but with the sunshine, it should be manageable cold for Veterans Day Parades.  Sunday features highs back into the mid 40s with some more clouds in the afternoon.  Still below average for this time of year (normal high for Boston is 53°), but we’re “getting warmer.”  :c)  

Winds turn onshore Monday and Tuesday as a developing area of low pressure to our east gets going. Although, it’ll likely stay far enough away to avoid heavy precipitation, but may be close enough for a shower or two to be thrown back into New England. Especially over Southeast Mass. Highs Monday and Tuesday run in the 40s to near 50.

Now to the most important part of this blog:  Thank you to all of the men and women currently serving our country – and to our Veterans, thank YOU for serving!