Over The River And Through the Woods…


By the looks of this snapshot of traffic in the metro right now (5:30pm), I’d say a bunch of you folks are heading out of town and ready to get your Turkey Groove on. If tomorrow is the big travel day, no worries—dry roads are anticipated all over the northeast:
Granted, the temps are chilly but at least we don’t have any rain or snow (like we did two years ago tomorrow)! Instead, it’s High Pressure nestled into the region for a day providing good travel weather. This dry weather is all the way down the east coast, so if you’re bouncing out of town (on a jet plane), here is the national travel map:
The major hubs around New York city…JFK, LGA, EWR down through DCA-BWI as well as ATL (I’m using airport identifiers, weird, I know #OCD) and then back toward DFW & out to LAX are al dry–no weather issues. There will be some rain in Great Lake states—Chicago-Detroit (ORD-DTW)–with a few minor delays possible and another batch of rain out toward Seattle-Tacoma (SEA). Temps are cool across the northern tier of states but mild across the south (a signature of the upcoming La Nina winter–cold north/warm south). If Thanksgiving is your travel day, here is what the map looks like:
I’ll spare you my airport identifier #OCD tour this go-around but you can see the weak storm from the Great Lakes swings up into New England. This storm is weak but still capable of producing cloudy skies for the day and even some patchy light snow/flurries. Not enough for shovels, headaches but there could be a coating-1″ in some locations west of I-95 (our *special* map in the maps section draws this out). Flakes likely to fly between 7-11am…Patchy so some of you could go the entire morning & not see one flake. Allow extra time in case of a few isolated slick spots on untreated surfaces. After the flakey morning, a cloudy afternoon with some patchy drizzle is likely.

Be safe & have fun catching up with family & friends these next few days.