Pinch Me! Is This a Dream?

I woke up this morning singing a great Biggie tune: “It was all a dream…”  But it WASN’T!  Nope, not a dream!  This is real life, folks!  And now we get to CELEBRATE!  What a time to be part of Patriots Nation – What a game – What a WIN!  So, I won’t bury the lead.  You want to know what the weather will be like when we break out the duck boats tomorrow for the Patriots Rolling Rally:

There’s a 100% chance of confetti!!!  Yeah, it would be nice if wit didn’t “rain on our parade” – but we’ll take it.  We’ll still be celebrating!  It’s going to be a little chilly, and a little wet – but the parade won’t have any snow to navigate around.  You’ll want your boots, but not in preparation for snow… just something to keep your feet dry and warm.  The ground will be wet – not white.  With temps in the mid to upper 30s and a breeze coming in off the ocean – ain’t no way we’re going to be piling on the snow in Boston tomorrow:

Tomorrow is a messy day for everyone, and once again – timing and location determines what you’ll be seeing.  The morning commute isn’t a major concern… It may be a little slower than normal, but I don’t anticipate any major issues.  Precip doesn’t break out until 7-8am, and at the start of all of this it will be scattered and light.  Eventually the snow showers will fill in N & W of 128, with mostly rain for Boston points south.  Through the day, it will be a struggle to edge out the cold air near the surface in the interior – which is why will see that “pink line” indicating a wintry mix of sleet and/or freezing rain wobble back and forth.  The interior will continue to see sleet and/or freezing rain through the better part of the day – and this could cause issues for the Tuesday evening commute.

The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the potential for slick surfaces (purple shading).  This will be in effect from 5am Tuesday through 3am Wednesday:

This storm isn’t a “snowstorm” by definition.  Just low accumulation of 1-3″ along the MA-NH border, Worcester Hills, up around Route 2… Here’s our snowfall forecast map:  *Side Note:  I didn’t want to pull the bands up any farther north later this afternoon, but I’m not all that confident in the 3-5″ band.  I do think it’s going to be hard to get close to the 5″ mark with this event….  But we’ll leave it with the disclaimer of “closer to 3″ rather than 5.”

Wednesday is MILD… Flirting with 60° for some, and even some sunshine in the afternoon.  It will be a bit windy though, with sustained winds out of the west at 10-20mph and gusts around 30mph.  So, that’s the arrival of spring, right?  Into the 50s for mid-week may feel like a “spring day,” but then we turn the page to Thursday…

Last night, forecast models were trying to give the South Coast, Cape and islands a glancing blow of some snow on Thursday.  Early this morning, forecast models pushed that track more NW, bringing more snow in for more of us.  Still, the track on this system is wobbling back and forth with each update – and we can’t nail down any particular track just yet.  For now, we’ll say there’s a likelihood of snow on Thursday (looks like morning rather than afternoon), but amounts and location will become clearer with every update.  I know it’s annoying to hear it over and over, but “stay tuned…”  We WILL keep you posted.

Now go enjoy the celebration!  #GOPATS!  – Breezy