Plan Ahead

I’m a planner.  I’m a BIG TIME planner.  In fact, because I am working through the Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I had our “friends-giving” Thanksgiving meal last week – and I had already cooked up everything (except for the bird) the night before!  Maybe the “planner” in me is what prompted me to become a meteorologist, so I could always know what to plan FOR.  Hopefully, I can help you also plan ahead for this Thanksgiving by telling you what to expect in the weather department…  Oh, and also by giving you a killer & simple recipe for homemade cranberries (that you should make tonight to be ready for tomorrow).

The forecast for tomorrow seems to be improving with forecast model runs.  While we were expecting a chance of wintry-mix and scattered flurries tomorrow morning, this is looking much less likely to be widespread.  However, I do always say that a good rule of thumb (as a planner) is to “plan for the worst and hope for the best.”  So, since we can’t completely rule out the chance for some spotty wintry-mix tomorrow morning, I think most of us will wake up and think it was all “much ado about nothing.”  I really grappled with tossing out the snowfall forecast completely, as we’re not expecting any widespread accumulation, if ANY snow accumulation at all (except maybe a coating-1″ in the higher terrain) tomorrow.  There’s dry air that will be in place, which may take the precipitation-factor off the board completely.  The BIGGEST concern though, will be the temperatures, which will be at freezing or just below for most of us overnight into the morning hours.  That means if we do see ANY precipitation; be it flurries, drizzle, etc., then it could create some slick spots on back roads and driveways.  After about 9am though, as temps rise, this shouldn’t be a concern any longer.  While we do keep the clouds around all day, we could stay dry for the bulk of the day, making all of the Turkey-Bowl-champions ready to play after-meal-football very happy.  After sunset (4:15pm) there will be some spotty drizzle and light showers working in from the west… which will linger into Black Friday.

If you plan on shopping this coming Friday to nab up all of the great deals, be safe!  It can get pretty crazy out there in the retail world the day after Thanksgiving!  Temps will still be cool, and the weather looks rather dreary.  Things stay unsettled all through the Thanksgiving weekend, with on-again off-again sprinkles/light showers… However, it looks like RAIN rather than snow (at least for Southern New England) – and it’s not a lot of rain, at that.  By Sunday, most areas will pick up about 0.25-0.50″ of rain.  Not enough to put us “in the black” in the rain department for November.

Enjoy your friends and family during this day of THANKS!  and save a scoop of mashed potatoes for me.  – Breezy