Planes, Trains, Automobiles And Raindrops

Planes, Trains & Automobiles….a holiday classic that is centered around traveling home for the Thanksgiving Holiday but a freak snowstorm leads to added travel time as well as some memorable John Candy-Steve Martin quotes #ThoseArentPillows! The good news is that we do not have any freak snowstorms anywhere in the United States these next several days but we do have rain in New England tomorrow. A cold front sweeps through New England tomorrow and in doing so will grab yank some extra rain out of Carolina and toss it into our region. Rain looks to get going between 7-9am and be with us all morning. That rain will taper off from west to east tomorrow afternoon-evening, meaning, the Berkshires dry out earliest while the outer Cape may not be done with the rain until early evening. This is what I think the radar will look like across the Northeast midday tomorrow:

Steadiest rain in eastern New England—and even heading up into Maine, rain, not snow or ice! All of New England is dry after 7pm Wedensday. As for air travel, other than some rain here in the Northeast, Pacific NW and portions of FL, most of the major hubs are fine (in terms of weather ;o) ):

Thanksgiving Day is dry but chilly for us. Sunshine will greet us but so will the cold early Thursday morning with most towns starting in the 20s–quite cold for those Turkey Trot 5k races. By afternoon, temps briefly reach the low to mid 40s under a sunny sky. Little to no wind will make the outdoor walk manageable. Dry weather holds for the rest of the Holiday Weekend.

Wherever you are headed—be safe & have fun this Holiday Weekend!