Honestly, I’m tired of blogging about “winter hanging on!”  “Chilly temps still here!”  “Chill out man… spring is coming!”  Let’s change it up a bit tonight and just focus on the “bright side.”

The sunset tonight is at 7:19pm, and would you believe that since spring began (about 3 weeks ago) we’ve gained more than an hour of daylight?!  Darn skippy.

I made this following graphic maybe a year or two ago to show the increasing sun angle as we make our way through spring and into summer.  In the winter, the sun is so low in the horizon that it’s hard to really feel any of that warmth – and hard to get any kind of tan.  Think about it; even in February when we had 80° temps, it wasn’t exactly the SPF 15+ beach day that we would see if we had an 80° now.  If we had an 80° beach day in the next week or so, you’d need WAY more than SPF 15+… you’d need at least SPF 35… because we’re moving into the “burny” months.  Now, please remember that this graphic shows angular degrees of the noon sun angle above the horizon.  It’s NOT showing temperature.  HOWEVER, with a higher sun angle, it certainly can feel 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer when you’re in the direct sunlight these days!  So, if you’re feeling “too cool,” try and walk on the sunny side of the street.

And this isn’t a bad idea either:

We are finally in for a warm-up this week… and by the end of the week, it could even be 70° for some (best chance on Saturday for inland areas).  But before we get there, we still have another chilly day to go – and tomorrow will also feature a few sprinkles and wet flakes during the PM hours.  Wednesday is closer to “normal,” if you’ve ever wondered what “normal” should feel like… low 50s for inland areas, but a bit cooler at the coast.  The infamous spring seabreeze days are upon us, when temps along the coastline notoriously get skunked by cool air coming in off of cool ocean water.  I’ll tell ya though, that seabreeze is a welcome bit of relief during the hot and humid summer months. We’ll get there.  Only 50 days until Memorial Day.

Happy Monday!  – Breezy

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