Pop-Up Downpour Today, Cooler and Comfortable Sunday

We kicked off the first full weekend of June 2018 on a humid and hot note.  Temperatures stretched to near 80 degrees by 10am.  Coupled with high humidity, it was a recipe for a soupy summery day, it was just missing the pop-up downpours and rumbles of thunder that a typical summer afternoon hosts.

Whoops, spoke too soon!  We already have had a few spotty downpours on the radar just after noon, and these will be the norm over the course of our Saturday afternoon.

The reason behind the pop-up downpours is due to the leading edge of cooler and much more comfortable air is hedging its way southward, impeding on the humid, hot airmass that’s over our area.  When these airmasses clash, they don’t give up with a “fight”.  That “fight” being those downpours that sporadically pop-up.

It doesn’t mean that this afternoon will be a washout by any means.  We just have to dodge a few of these showers for a 15-20 minute window, then they pass on to the next town over.

As the cold front traverses the region, we will have a shift in the wind direction to strictly out of the east-northeast.  Once we see that shift, that will slide the rain to the west-southwest of our area, as well as clearing the skies overnight.

Speaking of tonight, if you are not suffering from any allergies, tonight will be a fabulous night to open the windows as temperatures slip into the 50s and a much less humid airmass filters in.  Plus, any lingering shower threat will have moved out by dusk.

Sunday brings a pleasant sun-filled day due to high pressure just off the coast.  It will be much cooler than today with highs into the low to mid 60s.  It will be breezy with a wind out of the northeast at 10-18 mph.

For the start of the work week, we are then sandwiched in between two systems, a coastal system to our south and a system off towards our northwest.  These will join together to give us a rainy, cool and damp start to our work week.  High temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will struggle to make it out of the 50s.  We can expect heavy downpours at times by Monday afternoon and into the evening.  Wednesday we could make it to 60 degrees but the back edge of showers will continue to be overhead.

The systems finally clear the area by the end of the week, which means a gorgeous and mostly dry forecast into next weekend.  Looks like the pattern of dreary weekends and cooler weather will have finally been broken due to the soggy first half of the week.  Here’s a look at the 7-day forecast: