Quiet Extended Weekend

If you liked today, you’ll like tomorrow!  Mostly sunny skies in store for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, tomorrow.  Highs will even be a touch above average, topping out in the upper 30s to low 40s.  If this is your kind of weather, soak it all in… We’re in for some big changes come Tuesday.

I’m sure by now, if you’re not living under a rock, that you’ve seen the absolute MESS of weather in the Midwest and Plains states this weekend.  YIKES.  It’s been a rough ride, and continues to be into this evening.  Severe weather including tornado warnings (at least one confirmed tornado) in Texas, and a significant ice storm that even prompted a delay of the Chiefs vs. Steelers game in Kansas City.  There are some beautiful pictures coming out of this area, but that’s obviously not the entire store.  Very dangerous and treacherous travel conditions are apparent with the ice accretion.

Yes, this is our next storm system – eventually working in our direction to cause some potential problems Tuesday PM – Wednesday AM.  I don’t think it will be THAT bad (see above) once it makes it here, but there is still concern for some ice, a wintry mix, and even a little snow.  Yesterday, it looked like all rain – but that forecast has changed.  There’s an area of high pressure to our north that looks to stay put and act as a little bit of a “bully” for our warmer air trying to work in from the SW.  This “H” will likely keep the cold air lodged in the interior – which is where we have the concern for a wintry-mix-mess.

Timeline is Tuesday evening through Wednesday – when any mix should eventually turn to a cold rain for everyone.  Here’s the general idea currently:

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on amounts, exact timing… etc.  Still time to nail these details down while we’re enjoying sunshine and quiet weather tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your extended weekend.  – Breezy