Quiet Pattern Rolls On

January is acting more like January. After a small amount of snow over the weekend, we had some cold air fill in for today. Now realistically, today wasn’t bad for January… only a few degrees below average. But it probably felt a little more jarring after such a warm month so far. Wind chills today were in the teens and 20s. That said, the high in Boston cracked the 30s today, so we still haven’t seen a day this month where high temperatures held in the 20s. January so far is running over 10° above average. That said, it doesn’t include today’s numbers since it’s not over yet. Either way, it’s been a warm month.

But the cold isn’t leaving just yet. Skies will stay clear tonight which will allow temperatures to fall off. In fact, air temperatures will be colder tonight than last night. But, winds will also back down a ton, so wind chills will be warmer tonight than last night.

Tomorrow is another cold day but with less wind will be a nicer day. Then the warm up starts. We’ll climb to the through the 30s and eventually 40s by Thursday.  A lot of sunshine around for the rest of the week, but that could change by the weekend. Stay tuned…