Quiet Until The Weekend

Last night’s storm has set the atmospheric pieces in motion to have a cold pattern evolve, take hold and likely lock in for several weeks. Not to say a warm day here/there can’t happen but overall, temps appear colder than normal. At first, it’s technically seasonable temps (mid 40s for highs, upper 20s for lows) but as the month rolls along, we will be prone to arctic blasts of air.

This pattern likely means the end of your golf game for the season, dreadmill running is a legit option and backyard skating rinks viable again! It’s also a pattern that offers the opportunity for snow. Our first such chance is early in the weekend. Like last night, our computer models are still struggling to resolve a storm just off the east coast on Saturday. Some storms are easily *seen* by our models 4-5 days in advance while other storms (like this one) are keeping the models and the weather community in teeth-gnashing mode. Here is the setup

Two storms on that map—with the little storm near Buffalo the real player here. Does that storm reach out and tug the ocean storm a bit close to New England OR does it deflect the ocean storm harmlessly out to sea. A question I don’t have the answer to this evening but should by tomorrow. As of now, it looks like some snow is likely for a short time Saturday (perhaps Saturday Night instead of day–that too gets resolved tomorrow)

If we do get snow accumulating snow on Saturday it would be par for the course

More on this tomorrow.