Alright, a heads up if you’re going to be out late for your Saturday night out: rain is on the way. If you’re in central Massachusetts, you could see it as early as 11pm. The farther east you are, the closer to 12-3am you’ll see the showers.

The increased cloud cover and rain will stop temperatures from dipping too low overnight, reaching the low to mid 40s rather than the 30s we’ve had a lot more recently.

For tomorrow, by any means not a soaker of a day. Instead, just some hit-or-miss light showers/sprinkles will be around a times, pretty randomly throughout the day. The rain will be so light that it won’t ruin your day if you get caught outside in it.

Highs will reach anywhere from the low to upper 60s, while it will only reach the 50s if you live on the Cape. Sunday evening, we have a Red Sox game at Fenway. I’d maybe bring a poncho for the low chance you pick up on an isolated light shower or sprinkle. Otherwise, temperatures will be mild for the game.

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