Rain on the Way?

I don’t know why all day I’ve had the line from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory stuck in my head:  “Bubbles, bubbles everywhere but not a drop to drink!”  I guess, in my head, that line works for our current situation:  Clouds and muggies everywhere, but not a drop for our lawns!  We continue this hot, dry trend for another day.  However, there are some green blips showing up on radar to our NW… so can we get our share of this precipitation?  OR will we end up taking that top spot on the list of “Driest Summers on Record?”  We need 0.05″ of rain in Boston before August is over, or 2016 will end up at the top of that list.

We do have a couple of chances of getting that 0.05″ of rain in the next 24 hours.  It’s about a 20% chance for an isolated shower overnight tonight and a 40% chance of showers/storms into tomorrow afternoon.  I think our best chance at getting any rain tomorrow will be between 11am and about 5pm.  So don’t worry, #NoShoesNation… The Kenny Chesney concert at Gillette looks good – “When the sun goes down, we’ll be feeling alright.”

Now, back to our Friday afternoon showers and possible storms.  I do not expect anything severe.  Unfortunately, the ingredients aren’t really there for storm formation – but with that said, we can’t completely rule out a rumble of thunder here and there.  Otherwise, we’ll just be watching out for isolated downpours.  Many of us only end up with 0.10″ of rain (some with NOTHIN’), but some isolated spots could take advantage of downpour that sets up for a time and end up with 1″ or more.  It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint where those downpours end up… but I would recommend having the umbrella handy into tomorrow.  THOUGH – it seems like it’s the times when you don’t have the umbrella that you get dumped on, and the times you do have the umbrella you don’t see even one raindrop.  Why does life work out like that sometimes?  I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re hoping for a downpour, leave the umbrella at home and wash your car today to increase your chances of rain tomorrow.  :c)

It is HUMID tomorrow morning.  There’s no way around that.  Highs will be in the upper 80s to near 90° (by mid-day!), which means the hot-humid weather of summer rolls on… but not for long.  A front will sweep through tomorrow and ushers in some much more comfortable air.  While I hate to say it, it is the last weekend of Meteorological Summer – but the forecast for this final weekend really couldn’t be better.  Dry, mostly sunny, mid 80s, cooler temps for the coastal areas.  Enjoy!  – Breezy