We did pick up a few isolated showers early this morning with Bedford taking the prize for most rain .24″ Whoopditydoo. Most towns picked up around .10″ of rain and considering the daily evaporation rates are on the order of .16″ per day, I’d say that’s a #Fail for our drought situation. We have more of the same…..essentially a dry pattern with a few shots at some isolated showers & storms.

The next chance of rain is late tonight into early tomorrow morning (sound familiar?) as a cool front crawls through New England. Like this morning, for many of us it’s much ado about nothing but there could be 1 or 2 downpours. Tomorrow will feature more sunshine than today but the same amount of humidity. The humid & warmer air will work with that cool front to spark a few isolated thunderstorms during the day. As of now it looks like locations north of the Pike have a higher chance of rain than locations south of the Pike.  Again…isolated.

In any event, this cool front sweeps the humidity out to sea by Thursday and we are back into mostly sunny & more comfortable weather…still warm, temps into the mid 80s. Friday sees a return of the humidity and eventually some isolated showers & storms. That storm threat should hold off until very late Friday night-early Saturday morning with dry weather expected for the remainder of the Holiday Weekend.



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