A slow moving storm–in Carolina tonight–continues to scrape moisture off the Atlantic and heave that moisture into southern New England. So far, most towns have picked up between .50-1.00″ of rain with more on the way through tomorrow. The heaviest rain is slated for overnight through midday Wednesday. By tomorrow evening (when the brunt of the storm is done) most towns will have picked up close to 2″ of rain. Impressive, most impressive.

It’s another widespread rain event which is so critical this time of year to get this kind (amount) of water into the ground before the hotter summer months take hold and rainfall is more sporadic. A nice lush, green spring is shaping up…

….assuming we get some sunshine back in here, and we will but only in limited fashion on Thursday. Friday will offer more sunshine after we deal with some morning clouds & showers but even partly sunny skies on Friday will boost temps into the 70s. As of now, the weekend is split with Saturday offering a mix of sun & clouds with temps in the 70s (isolated shower threat) while Sunday is cooler with more clouds than sun.

Speaking of clouds, did you see these clouds in Boston metro around 9:00-9:30am?..

They are known as Asperitas Clouds—a new class of clouds just added to the International Cloud Atlas last month (previously known as Undulatus Asperetas clouds). Are you Cirrus? –yes…yes, I am. The undulating effect of the cloud base usually the result of unstable air flowing into a region of stable air (like we saw this morning).

Enjoy what’s left of Taco (rainy) Tuesday!