As a kid I learned that you spelled relief this way….R-O-L-A-I-D-S….

….But another way is to have a backdoor front drop in from Maine! What a turn-around compared to Tuesday as may cities & towns had afternoon temps in the 70s and that temperature turn-around had me like..

The good news is no heat like we just experienced for at least the next week Woot Woot. Here is the latest 7-day forecast….

Comfortable temps and perhaps some beneficial rains early next week. We do have a chance of a few showers tomorrow as well as Friday but it will be light and nuisance rather than beneficial as towns on the South Shore, South Coast, Cape/Islands will pick up less than 0.25″ (amounts that low are usually just evaporated right back out of the ground once the sun returns).

Even in areas of deep green on that map (most likely to see the showers), I don’t think we’re talking all day showers but more likely 8am-2pm. For locations north of the Pike, it looks like a decent summer day with clouds and sunshine. Temps will be a little warmer than today but nothing like we just experienced..



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