Another gray and damp day across the area today. We woke up to a few scattered showers and rain amounts were really dependent on if you got hit with a shower or a sprinkle or nothing. Nashua, for example, saw a few showers and picked up about 2/10 of an inch of rain. Many towns with just sprinkles saw a few hundredths.

So our rainy pattern rolls on. Every day has recorded rain this month. Some of those days were soaking rains like Fourth of July weekend, Elsa’s rain last Friday, and the morning downpours yesterday. Others were much less – like today and last Monday, but still recorded rain.

Boston and Worcester (though the numbers below are for Boston) solidifying the first place spot for rainiest July to date. Both would finish top 5 for wettest Julys on record even if we didn’t see another drop of rain this month.

While the rain and wet conditions have been grabbing the headlines this month (and rightfully so), the month of July has been quite cool as well. Outside of 2 days in the 90s right after Fourth of July weekend the month has been either near or well below average.

Today was no different. Boston’s high temperature was just 70 degrees. Worcester didn’t even hit 70…

So who’s ready for summer and sunshine? Well good news is ahead in the 7 day forecast! Temperatures will be climbing over the next few days and so will the humidity. It will feel much more like summer by the end of the week with temperatures in the upper 80s and feels like temperatures in the 90s!

And what about sun? Well we’ll get a little bit of sun on Wednesday but sunshine really comes back on Thursday… FINALLY!

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