Rinse & Repeat

What a big improvement in the forecast today!  Temperatures were about 15-20° warmer than yesterday, with the return of the warm spring-sunshine.  Yes, I know the highs along the coastline were stuck in the 50s while inland areas climbed into the 60s (Fitchburg topped out at 71°)!  That’s just the name of the game when it comes to springtime:  Without a strong westerly wind component, a sea breeze can really skunk the temperatures for the coast.  It may not be the greatest thing now, but we’ll be thankful for sea breeze days in July and August!

We’ll start the work week off on a bright note.  If you liked today’s weather, you’ll like tomorrow!  It will be a cool start for the kids heading back to the bus stop.  We’ll start with mostly sunny skies before clouds thicken in during the afternoon and evening.  Monday is dry with highs topping out in the upper 60s to near 70° inland, and once again the coolest temps will be along the coastline.

Looking at the extended forecast (pictured at the top of this blog), you’ll notice that temperatures are all over the place!  Near 70° tomorrow to just 48° on Tuesday?  Yup.  Wet weather is working back into the picture and it will be quite cool, breezy and dreary through both Tuesday and Wednesday… not to mention WET.  Showers will be around to greet us for the Tuesday morning commute, but I do expect the more moderate showers to even heavy bouts of rain to arrive late Tuesday through Wednesday morning.  All said and done, we’ll pick up between 1-2″ of rain, drying out Wednesday night with the sunshine breaking through on Thursday.

With the onshore wind and high astronomical tides, we’ll be watching the high tide cycles Mon PM through Wed AM for beach erosion and minor coastal flooding.  Of course we’ll keep you posted with any updates: