Roller Coaster Ahead

Who likes amusement parks and roller coasters? Good, we have quite the roller coast ride temperature-wise ahead of us over the next 7 days as late summer air and a cool, crisp air mass battle it out. Fortunately, along that battle, no big rain-makers form, so other than an occasional passing shower or misty start to the day, much of the forecast is rain-free as temperatures swing.

We’ll surely take that break from the heavy rain too! Check out the map below with rain totals over the past 30 days. Much of southern New England has picked up 6-10″ with a few towns across the commonwealth in the 10-12″ range. While the grass is green, I’m sure the sump pumps won’t mind the break.

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Low clouds and patchy fog break today for some sun this afternoon. The more sun that breaks though, the warmer the temps. High likely average in the mid 70s today with cooler conditions along the south coast as the ocean influence with a southerly breeze is felt.

While much of the day is dry, a few spotty showers are possible near day’s end and this evening as a cold front comes through. That includes out at Gillette, although much of the tailgating time and the game will remain dry as any shower takes up a short amount of time.

Behind the front, much cooler tomorrow with highs hovering near 60 as cool ocean breezes prevail.

Sox and Yanks playoffs are back! Crisp October weather is back too with dry air prevailing Friday and Saturday night as temps hover in the 50s. Go Sox!

Temps jump back into the 70s Sunday, the 60s Monday with mostly cloudy skies and a spot shower or sprinkles possible Columbus Day.

Tuesday and Wednesday look warm as temps near 80 by Wednesday!

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