Rolling Through Summer

We missed out on the storm action this evening, with the strong line of storms staying well to the NW of our area.  There were some strong/severe cells in there too, even prompting a couple of Severe T-storm Warnings and Flash Flood Warnings for NW Massachusetts and S Vermont.  For us, nothing wild to write home about tonight, but we’ll have a better chance storms/showers tomorrow.

Did you notice the humidity on the rise today?  AKA “What’s happening to my HAIR?!”  That muggy-trend continues, with dewps in the upper 60s to around 70° for the next couple of days.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before (or seen in written text), “A 60 degree dewpoint is a good threshold:  Anything 60+ is uncomfortable, and anything 60 or below is comfortable.”  I really stick by that rule for myself… because anything above 60° dewpoints is when the “Frizz Factor” becomes a factor… and it’s a factor through much of this work week, so plan accordingly.  

Temps tonight don’t cool off too much; lows in the mid to upper 60s for most.  Clouds fill-in and stick around tomorrow.  Expect patchy fog, locally dense, overnight through tomorrow mid-morning.  This is especially the case for low-lying areas in SE Mass., Cape Cod and the islands.

Tomorrow is a mostly cloudy day; that is, more clouds than sun – but it’s also warm and muggy again.  While certainly not a washout, we do have a better chance of catching a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon.  These will be spotty/scattered in nature, meaning not everyone sees this action – but if you do get caught under one, there could be torrential rain for a time.

The heat peaks mid-week, and many spots make a good run at 90° Wed, Thurs, Friday.  Will it be our third heatwave of 2017?  Maybe not for Boston (but maybe!), but some of the typically warmest spots could get there.

By the way, Tropical Storm Don formed today, with winds of 40mph.  It’s currently tracking west toward the Windward Islands – so this will be NO THREAT to the U.S.  It’s not even that impressive; nothing to write home about… is it’s expected to dissipate in the next three days and not become a hurricane.  I was asked on Twitter this evening if this is a slow hurricane season… My answer:  Nope!  Just wait until August & September (the peak is Sept. 10th)!  That’s when the sea surface temps are the warmest, which acts as fuel for these storms.

Enjoy your work week!  – Breezy