Same Story, Different Day

This weather pattern has us in a pattern that is literally a “rinse and repeat!”  Though, today wasn’t our day for picking up beneficial rainfall but it was still a very cool, dreary day.  By the way, a big THANK YOU to all of those who braved the gloom to “make strides” against breast cancer this morning!  It was wonderful to see all of your bright and shining smiles, even if we didn’t have have the sunshine.  It was an inspirational and empowering morning, for sure!

Alright, now back to the weather.  What gives?  and WHERE is the sunshine?  I promise you the sun is still there… it’s just hidden behind the clouds.  We’ve had this upper-level cut-off low just hanging around the Great Lakes and plaguing us with the rain (though we need it) and the gloom.  We call it a “cut-off” low because it’s “cut-off” from the regular flow.  That’s why it hasn’t moved much in the last few days.  It’s like a duck sitting on the side of the stream, rather than getting in to swim with the other ducks.  Well, we are eventually in for some improvement but it will take a little time.  Today was better than yesterday (drier, at least), tomorrow will be better today (more peeks of sunshine and some warmer temps), and Tuesday will be better than Monday (because it’s not Monday anymore and also because the clouds should clear out by late afternoon/early evening).  Then, high pressure drops in from the north and that should keep the sun with us for the middle of the week.  Sound good?  Yes?  I agree.

Details on tomorrow’s “chance of showers:”  It looks more likely during the afternoon and evening, and most likely for the interior.  There could even be some rumbles of thunder in here, along with some small hail possible – though nothing severe is expected.  For the spots that get a better peek at the sun, temps could warm to 70°.  That’s a HUGE improvement on the temps that have been just bouncing between 55-60° since Friday.  I need my beautiful fall weather!

I do think that we could get a couple of days during the middle of the week that are just ideal for the sunny-fall-weather-lovers.  Looks like mostly sunny skies are on tap for Wednesday through possibly Friday, and temps could gradually warm to close to 70° for Thursday and Friday.  Disclaimer:  I was a little optimistic about my forecast today because I’m SUCH a good mood after a wonderful “Making Strides” event this morning.  So, in my forecast the glass is half-full… of sunshine.  Let’s hope it stays that way (my good mood, too).

Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean still making for big “????” for next weekend.  Though, we shouldn’t have to worry about any impact (if any) until then.  Of course, we’re still watching it.  Rob Eicher wrote a very informative blog this morning about Matthew and how “small but mighty” this storm is.  I highly recommend you check it out.  As always, stay tuned.  We will update you as information becomes available.  – Breezy