Sea Breezin’

Well, that sea breeze put an end to the heat wave for BOS today.  A good, healthy sea breeze brought much desired relief from the heat to coastal areas.  The high for BOS today was 87°.  So, maybe you’re sitting at your computer (or mobile device, if you were able to take a long enough break from Pokemon Go) reading this blog, and you’re thinking – “I’m gonna get that Bri.  It was NOT cooler today at ALL.”  You are probably right.  For everyone else away from the coastline, it was just about as hot today as it was yesterday… as it was the last several days.  For some of us, the heat wave rolls on.  Tomorrow, we all climb into the 90s once again.  What gives?!

I’m gonna go ahead and give you some hope and encouragement in the form of song:


Listen to Wilson Philips.  Not only will it cheer you up, it will also give you the strength to HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY!  Highs tomorrow will once again be in the 90s (which is a convenient coincidence that this fabulous hit was released in 1990).  “I know that there is pain, butcha ya hold on for one more day… and ya, ya break free from the cha-yains.”  You’re welcome.

Relief is on the way – not just from the heat, but also relief from the dry pattern we’ve been in!  It actually looks like we could be in store for a good soaking on Friday!  WHAT?!  It’s true!  I don’t want to promise you the moon – and let’s be honest, no matter how much rain we get most of our lawns will likely struggle to recover – but yes, there is rain in the forecast.  Keep doin’ the dance!  It looks like it’s working!

Here are the details:  While there’s a slight chance (10-20%) of an isolated shower/storm tomorrow afternoon/evening, I do think most of us stay dry.  There’s a cool front that will sag in from the north, and dependent on how far south it sags and when, will determine how far south storms make it.  It really looks like most of the shower activity and convection stays in central and northern New England.  Now, we still watch this front.  It’s what’s going to help us find that “relief from the heat,” and it could also help to squeeze out some extra rain for us come Friday.  A low will form to our SW and move up that front – if the two come together at the right time and place… then Friday will look like this:
Well, mostly it will look like that.  In my mind, that’s what it looks like… that’s what our lawns will be doing, just soaking it all up.  There’s the potential for 1-2″+ of rain, mainly Friday afternoon and evening.  Could also be some storms though, so don’t forget “When thunder roars, go indoors.”  What I’m trying to say is, don’t like, act out this GIF or anything.  That wouldn’t be safe.

There’s still a chance for some scattered showers through Monday… but it looks like Saturday is most likely our “dry” day of the weekend.  But really, most of you probably care more about the temps in the forecast.  I’m happy to report that once we get back to “normal” (average high for Boston this time of year is 82°) we’ll stay there for a few days.

Here’s to looking forward to rain!  – Breezy