FINALLY!  We’re FINALLY in for things to feel a bit more like spring!  The weekend forecast features seasonable temperatures and loads of sunshine.  That’s the GREAT news.  The not-so-good news is that with dry conditions and warming temps, the pollen count is up-up-up (currently, it’s the tree pollen that’s leading the pack of issues).  The only two things I’m not a fan of in the springtime:  Sneezes and seabreezes.

It was brought up recently on Twitter that the 7on7 Forecast isn’t complete enough with just ONE NUMBER listed for the expected daily high temp.  This IS true – especially in the springtime – as we can have a seabreeze develop in the afternoon that will cool temps off along the coastline.  That’s the case through this weekend and into next week.  Even though we ARE in for a warm-up, if you leave near the water, you’ll want to curb your excitement a bit when consulting the 7on7 Forecast.  Here’s a comparison of what’s expected for inland high temps vs. coastal high temps:

We’ll be keeping it dry through the weekend and for the start of next week as high pressure takes over.

When I do school visits, I tell the students that while “H” stands for “High pressure,” it also means “Happy” for me – because we get sunshine!

Speaking of sunshine, the sun is now staying up until AFTER 7:30pm.  Woot woot.  :c)

Have a great weekend!  – Breezy

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