Seeking Sunshine

It’s bad enough being in solar winter right now (November-January, the three darkest months of the year) but even more shade is thrown at us when we have a couple of cloudy days in a row! Notice when we do have these cloudy, November days the entire day is like dusk?!

Oddly enough, High Pressure was partly to blame. Normally, High Pressure brings the goods but in its location today (New York state), that created a northeast windstream from the Gulf of Maine. That is loaded with moisture and with clouds already in place….you can kiss your sunshine goodbye. Thankfully, that High Pressure heads for the Gulf of Maine tonight which will shut down the northeast wind and allow clouds to break apart and clear out for Wednesday. Yahoo!

Drink it in because clouds are back with us for Thursday as a cold front sweeps through New England. This front will also generate rain by midday and lasting into the evening hours. Before that front moves through, temps will head for the upper 40s and even flirt with 50 for a short time south of the Pike. Colder air will filter in late Thursday evening after the rain has moved on (it should be noted higher elevations across southern New Hampshire could see the rain end as some snow early Thursday evening).

In any event, colder air sweeps back into New England for Friday with afternoon temps only reaching the low to mid 40s. the upshot of this latest batch of Canadian air is that it will be dry….sunny skies despite a chilly wind. Our weekend looks unsettled as a storm winds up across the Great Lake states….in that position, it’s a rain event for us–arriving Saturday late afternoon and ending early Sunday morning.

Enjoy what’s left of your Taco Tuesday!