An Air Quality Alert is in effect for most of the area until midnight tonight. This means fine particulates concentrations may approach or exceed unhealthy standards. For New England, this Air Quality Alert is due to wildfire smoke dipping south from Canada. Stay inside if possible, particularly if you have respiratory concerns or other health problems, are a senior or child.

The smoke will create an enhanced red-orange sunset today. All wavelengths of visible light are emitted from the sun. The smoke particles scatter shorter wavelengths (yellow, green, blue, violet), but long wavelengths like red and orange can pass through the smoke. This is why your eyes will see a fiery sunset today.

That heavy smoke that is around will move out tonight. It won’t be crystal clear tomorrow, but it won’t be nearly as smoky as today.

Temperatures will be in the low 70s at 7 AM, and then highs reach into the mid and upper 80s. The day starts sunny, and then it becomes partly sunny in the afternoon. There could be an isolated storm late in the afternoon (between 4-6 PM), but the better chance of rain will be after sunset. It looks like we’ll have spotty showers before midnight, and then scattered showers after midnight that lingers into early Wednesday morning.

Expect a few showers early Wednesday morning. You’ll likely need to turn on the windshield wipers on once or twice for the morning commute. It looks like the showers end by 9-10AM. After that skies will slowly clear up. Some of us will be seeing sun by lunch time. Overall, it is much cooler with highs in the low and mid 70s.

The daylight hours on Thursday now look mainly dry. Showers arrive late in the evening and overnight. There could be a few, lingering showers early Friday morning, and then it gradually clears up. Highs reach into the upper 70s. Aside from a spot shower on Sunday, the weekend is dry.

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