Sneezes and Seabreezes

Ahhhhchooooo… Ah, that time of year where we enjoy the sunshine and the warming temps, but also start to battle those spring allergies. This weekend will be no exception to that as temps warm into the 50s and low 60s and tree pollen counts jump up to sniffle and sneeze levels.

Overall, I think many of us will take that trade off the next several days as Spring will seem like it’s finally arriving. That’s great for heading out to the ball fields or perhaps just prepping/cleaning up the yard for the spring season ahead. With a northwest wind of about 10-15mph today, we should hold back the seabreeze today, but tomorrow, with lighter winds, that seabreeze will come on in, dropping temps from the mid 50s to the mid to upper 40s at the coast.

Additionally, the clear skies tonight will allow for a good star gazing night, and perhaps you’ll be able to catch a few shooting stars as the Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight. The best viewing will take place predawn tomorrow morning. Just get away from the city lights and look up!

Enjoy the dry and milder weather the next several days. We’re rain free until Wednesday.

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