Snow to Mix Tuesday

Precipitation starts as snow mid-day and will transition into a mix between 5-8 PM. Expect slick roads and low visibility for the Tuesday afternoon/evening commute.

The areas in white and light blue will be the first to see the transition from snow to a mix.

Plan on 4”+ north and west of Boston, less than 4” south of Boston, and 3-4” in the city before the changeover.

A Winter Storm Watch is in effect from 2 PM Tuesday until 1 AM Wednesday.

There could be periods of heavy snow during this period, creating low visibility and slippery conditions for the afternoon/evening commute on Tuesday.

Driving conditions become poor after 12 PM. There will be periods of heavy snow between 2-6 PM, with freezing rain in Boston and south after 8 PM.

Snow starts between 12-1 PM on Tuesday in Worcester County. By 2-3 PM, almost everyone will be seeing snow.

It transitions into a mix (pink color) from south to north between 5-8 PM, and into sleet/freezing rain/rain overnight. The snow map above shows what we see before the transition.