Snowless 7 Day Ahead

Well, not exactly the way we wanted to kick off the month of April, but it’s New England and anything goes this time of year in regards to weather. We average close to 1.9″ of snow in April in Boston, and we picked up about that today in the city. I think many of you would be just fine if we didn’t pick up any more for the rest of the month. Honestly, I’m with you on that one! At least this time of year, during the day, it’s easy to keep the pavement wet and not white.  Some refreeze and icy spots are likely overnight as temps slide back below freezing, so careful on those untreated surfaces.

The highest snow and sleet totals were across northern Mass and Southern NH where the coldest air hung on the longest. Generally 6-9″ fell along the border towns, with close to 10-12″ from Derry NH, on north.  Along and south of the Pike, amounts were less impressive as the rains was the story, especially across Southeast Mass where 3-4″ of rain fell! Even the towns that picked up a good 6″+ of snow and sleet, had plenty of weight to push around as there was a ton of water content to it.  Bottom line, this was good for the dwindling drought, especially when you can get the wet weather this time of year.

Here’s a link for a long list of totals…

We’ll take the next couple days off with high pressure building in. We’re dry tomorrow and Monday and Monday looks good for the Sox home opener with temps mid to upper 40s and some sunshine at Fenway.

Longer term, we have more wet weather ahead. It’s always a fine line trying to snap out of a drought, without flipping to floods, and we’ll walk that fine line Tuesday and again late Thursday-Friday morning. As I see it now, both storms offer up another 1-1.5″ of rain EACH. Yes, that’s a lot of water when you add up what this most recent storm just dropped, but spread out over the week and if we stick to these amounts, rivers should be able to handle the water with perhaps some some minor/nuisance flooding issues.  If we get more, than perhaps it’s more of an issue.  With waterlogged grounds, it’ll be a tough week for baseball/softball fields to completely dry out. I’m guessing there will be some postponed games and practices this week.

Stay warm and enjoy the dry weather the next couple of days.

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