The forecast on this one has been challenging to say the least as the southerly trend was substantial yesterday afternoon and evening. This close in, certainly frustrating for all those planning logistics around it. With that said, for parts of southern New England, we still have a snowstorm coming, with the focus of it across Southeast Mass.

Snow, and even some rain, break out near and south of the Pike for many early this morning, becoming steadier as the morning wears on. Rain will flip to snow as the atmosphere cools with the initial bursts of precip. The intensity of the snow peaks late morning, into the early afternoon (9am-3pm) timeframe with the heaviest across Southeast Mass. During the midday hours, 11am-2pm, snowfall rates will approach 1-2″/hr near and south of the Pike, with the heaviest across Southeast Mass. Travel will be poor at times when these snow rates are achieved.


It’s a quick hitter, with snow tapering off by 3pm for most, lingering until about 5pm across the Cape and Islands.

In terms of snow totals, 6-9″ will be widespread across Southeast Mass with 3-6″ up to the Pike and through Boston. Across northern Mass and southern NH… not much 1-3″.

Northeast winds will increase as we go through the morning, peaking this afternoon. Wind gusts run 35-40mph around Boston, 40-45mph across coastal Plymouth County and Cape Ann and 50-55mph across the Cape and Islands. A high wind warning is in effect across the Cape and Islands.

It’s an astronomical higher tide too, so with a 1-3′ storm surge, there will be some flooding. Minor to moderate coastal flooding is expected with the early afternoon high tide that rolls in just before 2pm.


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