So Long June 2016

I know we are in a drought and that we need rain but, boy, what a month. Sunny skies, mild/warm temps with only limited humidity. Granted, this limited humidity aided in our drought as weather systems struggled to create widespread rains (water cycle only works with moisture is present) but it is what it is and what a month it has been. 22 of 30 days were rain-free and not one 90 degree day registered in Boston (there were a few farther inland tho). When compared to last June–which was cool & wet–this June is one to remember.

OK…we’re moving on to July! We have some rain heading our way on the first day but not until late day & at night. It will be a cool front charging out of the New York state and into New England. This front will pop scattered showers & thunderstorms across New York & Pennsylvania during the day and once those storms form, they’ll have to go somewhere. That somewhere is New England first in western New England between 1-5pm but not until after 5pm (until about midnight) in eastern New England. Before 5pm, outdoor activities should get accomplished despite an increase in clouds (and humidity). A decent day. Plan on a scattering of showers & storms tomorrow night, nothing severe but some locally heavy rains, gusty wind & lightning is likely–might get in the way of any firework shows.

Thankfully this front will not crash our Holiday Weekend… quickly scoots away from New England Saturday morning. the quick departure does mean a breezy day but it’s a nice day..sunshine & low humidity (northern New England could see an isolated shower/storm Saturday afternoon). Sunday & the 4th offer sunshine, low humidity and warming temps…heading through the 80s.

Be safe & enjoy your holiday.