Soggy Start to the Week

Monday has brought us a “case of the Monday’s” as it always does, but it’s also brought us some much needed rainfall!  Some of the rain reports were impressive, specifically in NW Massachusetts as well as across the South Coast.  Take a look at some of the reports as of 6:30pm:

For others though, rain totals weren’t all that impressive.  For example, Boston picked up 0.33″ (by the time I wrote this blog), and the observation site at Norwood Memorial Airport only reports 0.16″.  Yes, some of us are walking away from today a little disappointed.  Furthermore, take a look at this comparison between rain totals today and the areas under extreme drought conditions:

You see how much of the area in the RED got the least amount of the rain today?  *sigh*  I guess every little bit helps… but it wasn’t a drought buster.  

Well, the chance for rain stays with us into the overnight hours.  However, I do believe the bulk of the rain has already fallen.  The best we’ll be able to do overnight tonight would be some isolated downpours – and then that chance shifts SE into tomorrow morning, and could bring a little more rain to Cape Cod and the islands through midday.  Meantime, clouds will be clearing out and temps will be warming up.  For areas that kick the clouds out soonest, temps will climb into the mid 80s tomorrow.  Yes, it’s still muggy tomorrow… but we’ll get improvement in the Frizz Factor department come Wednesday.

Fall officially begins on Thursday!  Right?   Well, not according to the forecast.  Highs will be well above average through the remainder of the work week. It puts things in perspective when you look at the “normal” high for this time of year for Boston; just 71°, according to 30-year climatological records.  If you love the warmer weather, find a way to bottle it up.  We’ll have another front move through late Friday – early Saturday to REALLY bring us a feel of fall for next weekend.

Also, not to be forgotten:  We’re still watching the tropics.  Tropical Storm Karl is expected to eventually strengthen into a Cat. 1 hurricane late this week and then make a sharp turn to the ENE.  Karl doesn’t look to be a threat to the East Coast of the U.S.  We’ll continue to watch it.  New this afternoon, we now have Tropical Depression Thirteen, SW of the Cabo Verde Islands.  It’s WAY out there, but still worth watching.

Have a great week!  – Breezy