Have you noticed the days getting slightly longer as of late? It’s not your imagination! We’ve gained over an hour of daylight since the first day of winter (which is also the shortest day of the year). Not only have we gained an hour of daylight, but the darkest quarter of the year is behind us, so today we welcomed solar spring!

We had abundant sunshine today but clouds will move back in for some of us tonight and tomorrow. There’s a massive storm that’s stationary over the Atlantic and it will actually back into New England (slightly) over the next couple of days. Don’t worry we’re just on the fringe so it’s clouds more than anything else. But as we’ve seen a few times this winter, the cold air over the relatively warm water can create ocean effect clouds and that’s what we’ll deal with the next few days. Most of us will stay dry, but a few ocean effect snow showers may also develop across the South Shore and Cape tonight and Tuesday morning, tapering off Tuesday afternoon.

It won’t amount to much, if anything. Those that see snow will only end up with an inch or less — nuisance more than anything else. Or, I guess a festive snow if you’re a winter lover and holding on to any hope of snow you can get!

Tuesday and Wednesday the ocean influence will be more about the clouds than the snow. If you’re on the coast, you’ll have two mostly cloudy days while inland areas will have a partly cloudy to mostly sunny sky.

Temperatures will hold in the 30s the next two days and will be a little chilly on the coast with an onshore wind and clouds in the mix too, but there’s a nice warm up in store to finish the week and head into the weekend!

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