Some Drought Relief???

When the latest drought monitor was released on Thursday, the statistics were once again staggering.  According to the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) it has been a record dry summer in Boston and many towns across New England.

Streamflow, reservoir, and groundwater levels echo the lack of rain.  Ten waterways in New England with at least 30 years of data reported record low levels for the September 8-14 period, while another twenty had near record low levels.


That has forced 178 public water suppliers in MA to enact restrictions or bans on water use as of September 12 according to the NRCC.  You probably get the point…we need the rain!  But if you still aren’t convinced you can read more about the drought monitor here and more discussion from the NRCC here.

Here’s the good news…it looks like we are going to get a decent amount of rain, and it looks more likely that the bulk of the rain will hold off until after the weekend.

There will be a few high, thin clouds around on Saturday.  So the skies won’t be as clear blue as Friday.  However, it will be just as pleasant with temperatures in the mid 70s.

Clear, dry air cools off very quickly.  That’s why it has been so crisp in the last few mornings.  Clouds will take over tonight as humidity levels increase.  Consequently, temperatures will be much warmer overnight.  By the way, you’ll notice that humidity a bit on Sunday and even more so on Monday.

Parts of northwestern MA and southern VT might see rain as early as Sunday morning.  Most of the rest of us will have to wait until the afternoon to see any rain.  Even still, the showers will be spotty at best.  The chance for thunderstorms is low, but the catch is that any thunderstorms that do form, if they form at all, could be on the strong side.  Again, this will be spotty rain.  So, if you are going to the Pats game or have other outdoor plans, I wouldn’t worry too much, but be prepared just in case.

The rain becomes much more widespread on Monday.    Tropical Depression Julia is currently falling apart about 280 miles southeast of Charleston, SC.  It now seems that some of that remnant tropical moisture will get pulled into a cold front that is heading in this direction.  With more moisture to work with, there is a better chance that this front will bring us some rain…possibly up to 1″ on Monday.

Sunny, warm weather returns Tuesday and the rest of the work week stays dry.  So, in terms of putting a dent in the drought, it’s Monday or bust.