Welcome to the weekend! It’s a mostly cloudy one. We’ll have rain for part of it. You’ll still be able to get outside today and tomorrow. Luckily, the rain is mainly tonight and overnight then lingering into tomorrow morning.

All that moisture to our west down the Mid-Atlantic to the South is what’s heading to the Northeast. We’re watching an area of low pressure to the south that will bring us rain.

Rain won’t arrive until past sunset. Initially there will be some flakes and ice pellets for the higher elevations, but this will be a rain event for us. Brighter colors show downpours overnight into early Sunday morning. The storm is quick though. There will only be some lingering showers a couple hours past sunrise. Then through the day, we’ll be drier and see mostly clouds with some breaks of sun.

This storm will not bring us as much rain as earlier this week. Here’s the European model’s expected precipitation accumulations.

Let’s talk temperatures. Today’s high temperatures will be in the 40s under mostly cloudy skies. There will a slight southeast breeze. Sunday starts off a few degrees higher in the upper 30s. Showers will end and it will be drier through the day. What will be most noticeable is the breeze. The wind will be active out of the west/southwest. Temperatures will reach the 50s.

We’ll also watch for the potential of minor to moderate coastal flooding around Sunday’s midday high tide. It’s an astronomically high tide around the New Moon. Behind the weekend storm, the wind will be out of the west/southwest. There’s a Coastal Flood Watch for the South Shore, Buzzard’s Bay, Cape Cod and the Islands for minor to moderate flooding. There could be splashover from the North Shore to the South Shore.

Don’t forget we spring forward this weekend! If you’re an early bird, hope you enjoyed today’s 6:00 am sunrise. Tomorrow’s sunrise will be after 7:00 am, but we get to enjoy that daylight through 6:45 pm. The start of Spring is March 19th. At that point, our sunset will be closer to 7:00 pm.

Have a great weekend!

-Meteorologist Melanie Black

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