Sorry Mom!

Well, it’s not the forecast that I want to give, just the forecast that I have to give. Sorry mom! I wish I had better weather in the forecast for the weekend, especially on Mother’s Day.

Alright, let’s get to it. Today, we do catch our fair share of dry hours as clouds lower and thicken through the day. While a few sprinkles or patchy drizzle,  is possible early to mid afternoon, my thinking is that steadier rain holds off until near/after 5pm. So that’ll give you a chance to get out and about today without much rain action. It’ll be cool, with highs only in the low 50s coast, mid to a few upper 50s inland. The winds onshore, but not all that strong. The Sox have moved up their game to a 1:05pm start… good move on their end.

While this is considered a nor’easter heading our way, the northeast winds won’t be overpowering tonight. The main headline on this storm will be the heavy rain. Rain overspreads the area late in the day and especially this evening, becoming heavy overnight tonight into the mid morning hours tomorrow. By 8-10am Sunday, the downpours likely start to taper to showers from west to east. At that point, 1-2″ of rain will have fallen, with a few locally higher totals possible. With quite a bit of rain in a relatively short period of time, there may be some localized street flooding/poor drainage area flooding overnight and early tomorrow. Rivers will be able to handle the water, so it’s not a river flooding issue.

Northeast winds gusts 30-40mph at the coast tomorrow morning, few gusts to 45mph across the Cape/Islands. Then in the afternoon, many towns see gusts 25-35mph from the north to northwest. That wind locks in the chill with temperatures through much of tomorrow running in the 40s. Yuck!

Can we breaks this pattern!?  Yup, we flip the switch next week and head for the 70s and 80s mid to late week. Let’s do it!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had better weather to forecast this weekend, but have a great one with Mom anyway!

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