Good morning! We’re waking up to some light rain and a lot of clouds. You’ll want a rain jacket or umbrella for today, as we have an ongoing chance for showers throughout the day.

It won’t be a washout today, but at times you could get caught under a shower. I like to use the HREF model below to get an idea of rainfall amounts. You can see any rainfall we get through tomorrow morning will be minimal.

Temperatures this morning are in the 50s. We won’t budge all that much today. Highs will be in the mid/upper 50s. Once again, we’ll still have a northeast breeze. Water temperatures are in the low 50s, so that wind off the water will keep temperatures cooler near the coast. Temperatures will climb closer to 60 the farther west you are today.

Tomorrow, there will be a few lingering showers in the morning. Then we trend drier through the rest of the day. We’ll continue to see a lot of clouds. Highs inland will head near 60. Temperatures stay cooler on the coast in the 50s thanks to that northeast breeze.

Next week, temperatures aloft warm. We trade the northeast breeze for a southwest wind. That will boost our surface temperatures into the low 80s. It’ll feel more like summer around Southern New England!

-Meteorologist Melanie Black

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