Spring Confusion



Well, it seemed like we were headed in the right direction yesterday, warming up to normal temps in the mid-60s. Unfortunately, adeiu, adeiu, adeiu, and now we usher in a cooler and unsettled pattern. It sort of seems that we’ve swapped May for April and vice versa. After a very mild April (12th warmest on record for Boston), you’d suspect a mild May.

However, the large-scale pattern across the continental U.S. is blocked…or clogged. Within this blocked pattern, New England is stuck in a cooler airmass… and we’re not going to get out until this pattern breaks down.

So what does this mean for our weather?….It’ll be cool & unsettled.

Temps today stay about 10° below normal, with breezy winds out of the west, and the chance for a light stray shower (mostly this afternoon through dinnertime).



If you’re itching for a cool and damp day, tomorrow looks to be your best bet. Tuesday brings mostly cloudy skies and scattered light rain showers into the afternoon and early evening. On a positive note, winds die down a tad tomorrow, and rain chances throughout this week won’t offer up a washout any day.

As for Mother’s Day…a coastal system looks to bring more rain our way, but details have yet to be ironed out entirely. Stay with us for more information!