Spring in New England

You know what they say about spring forecasting in New England; “Fool me once… Shame on…”  Wait, that’s not right!  But that may have been what you were thinking about area forecasters this morning.  While I did expect it to be a gloomy, damp and dreary start to the day – I didn’t expect it to hang around so long.  Nevertheless, improvement is improvement!  Even if it was a “wait for it…” type of weather day.  The sunshine has finally returned and temps are warming.  We’ll likely hit our daytime highs for many spots just before sunset tonight.  Also, I have to share with you this picture we were sent via Twitter this afternoon.  I think it sums up spring in New England just perfectly!

Now, onto tomorrow:  We’re settling into a springlike pattern for a couple of days.  This forecast is for all of you who barked at me when it was 80-something in April: “No skipping season!”  There are no summer-like temps in my 7-day forecast… and I don’t see any on the immediate horizon.  Spring is here – and here in New England, spring can be VERY tricky to forecast (today was a great example).  Wednesday and Thursday will both feature 50/50 sun and clouds, after a mostly sunny start to tomorrow.  Highs will be in the upper 50s to low 60s both days, which is very close to average for this time of year.  While I do think that both days will be mostly dry, it’s worth mentioning that there is a slight chance of showers tomorrow.  Spring in New England really means, be ready for all types of weather!

Someone on Twitter really nailed the forecast last night by calling Friday “Soako de Mayo!”  I love that.  Yes, it is true.  Friday looks to be a very soggy day for us, as our next weather system brings buckets of rain through the day and possibly lingering into early Saturday as well.  This is a pretty potent system that has the potential to bring around 1-2″ of widespread rainfall (early forecast).  After this system is done bringing us rain – it’s not quite done with dictating our weather.  The cyclonic (counter-clockwise) flow will linger in the Northeast, as well as a cool pool of air and unsettled conditions.  So, while the weekend isn’t a washout – it will be cool and feature a few light showers from time to time.