Spring in Our Steps

What a wonderful way to kick off a long weekend by celebrating #OneBostonDay.  Today is about being part of this amazing City of Boston.  Today is a day to remember those we lost 4 years ago today.  Today is a day to reflect upon what those terrible events of that tragic day in 2013 made us feel – and how it made everyone come together to be ONE.  Today is also a day to say “thank you” to all of our first responders and heroes that show us everyday what it means to be #BostonStrong.  Thank you to everyone who came together today for #OneBostonDay.

We also had great weather to kick off the long weekend, with highs topping out around 70° for most.  Yes, it was breezy – but it was a mild breeze; not the kind that cuts with the cold.  That SW wind will continue to usher in warmer temperatures for tomorrow.  That’s not before we see some raindrops.  However, the raindrops could have worse timing!  It’s just through the next couple/few hours that we get these light showers moving through from west to east, and all of this wet weather moves off-shore before midnight.  The breeze and mild temps will stick around overnight, with some patchy fog forming especially near the South Coast.

How about a warm Easter Sunday?!  We’re back into the 80’s tomorrow, experiencing more summer-like temperatures than spring-like!  It’s worth mentioning though that the records look safe:

And it won’t be the hottest Easter on record either.  Take a look at this “wacky Easter weather:”

Granted, the Easter Holiday falls on a different day each year – sometimes in March and sometimes in April, even sometimes into May! – but it’s worth noting that the last few years have been fairly chilly, topping out in the upper 40s for Easter 2016, 2015 and 2014.  This year will be a treat, if you’re into warm temps AND if you find those hidden eggs FAST if they’re real (so they don’t spoil) or filled with chocolate (so it doesn’t melt and go to waste… Wait, who am I kidding?  I’d eat it anyway.  I love chocolate!).

Tomorrow evening we will be watching out for an isolated shower/thunderstorm.  The timing on this looks to be after 6pm, coming along with a “fropa” – or “frontal passage.”  These showers/thunderstorms will be isolated in nature, meaning not all of us see these drops or hear the rumbles.  Still, it’s worth mentioning for your evening plans.  If you’re planning an outdoor feast/picnic, just be aware of the breeze – which also means, “Watch the paper plates and napkins!”  Winds will be out of the WSW around 15-25mph with gusts up to 35mph (very similar to the breeze today).

Now – the all important forecast is really for Monday.  The good news is, it will be dry!  The not so great news is, it may be a little warm for runners – especially on a 26.2 mile trek to Boston.  I heard once that a good rule of thumb is to dress for 20° over the forecast temp when you’re running.  So yes… that would be a little hot.  But for anyone who has ever done Boston before, you’ll know there are wonderful fans and spectators all along the course that would gladly hose you down or hand you a banana (this was a LIFESAVER for me last year!).  All things considered, it could be worse – and it has been worse in previous years.  Just enjoy the experience.  Run the mile you’re in.  Finish #BostonStrong.  I’m proud of you!  – Breezy