Spring Showers

From the summer-like heat wave to a DRY but more spring-like weekend, we’ll now turn the page to wet weather for the work week… and we do have a chance for showers almost every day this week.  Remember though, we’re still one week away from Memorial Day (the “unofficial start to summer”) and still one month away from the summer solstice (the official start to summer) so, I guess it’s better that we get these spring showers NOW in the spring!

Clouds will continue to thicken in and lower overnight, and while temps will dip back into the upper 40s to near 50°, they won’t fall back much further than that.  It should be a mostly dry night, as the showers will have some dry air to contend with.  It’s also a comfortable night for sleeping with the windows open – IF you aren’t suffering from allergies right now.  I know my doctor told me (you know, Sneezy Breezy here) to keep the windows closed and to make sure to shower before bed to wash off the pollen of the day.  If my sneeze gauge is any indicator, this is the height of the allergy season now – especially with tree pollen.  Hang in there – you’re not suffering alone!

Now, on to the details of the wet weather for Monday:  We could have some light scattered showers with us for the morning commute, but the heavier rain will hold off until the afternoon and evening hours.  It’s not a complete washout, as there will be dry times throughout the day – but a good day to keep the umbrella handy, for hit and miss drops.  Showers will linger near SE Mass through early Tuesday morning, and then eventually slide of the coast.  By the time we’re done with this round of wet weather, totals should be between 0.25″-0.50″.

I mentioned there could be some showers SE to start Tuesday morning, but Tuesday still looks like the “pick day” of the week.  We keep mostly cloudy skies, but we’ll get enough sunshine in here to warm temps into the low 70s away from the coastline.  Highs along the coast will be stuck in the 60s with a sea breeze.  This is the best chance to get a dry day this week, as the unsettled weather pattern continues Wed-Fri with a chance for showers every day.  For now, I don’t see any of these days being a washout – but for softball games, evening runs, mowing the lawn… etc. we’ll need to keep a close eye on the forecast this week for the timing of wet weather.

It’s still a ways out, but there does appear to be improvement on the way for Memorial Day Weekend.  Currently it looks like highs around 70°, cooler along the coast.  Of course, we’ll keep you posted!  – Breezy